Why do Mexicans Have so Many Kids?

Why do Mexicans Have so Many Kids? It’s a stereotype, by now it is probably untrue… but it is not entirely inaccurate, that of a dozen kids piling into the single car of a Mexican family. I myself only have one sibling and by Mexican standard that makes for a very small family. My parents also came from relatively small families: my mother as one of four children and my father the same. I do have a couple of aunts and uncles who have had five children and. That seems to be a little more like it.

But the ones who take the tamale have got to be my buddy David’s parents. His mother and father are one of seven and one of twelve respectively. I’ve got a total of over twenty cousins (just counting the first cousins) and on Christmas it does make for a full house. It was always a sad event to find yourself at the back of the piñata line at birthday party because there was absolutely no hope of taking a whack at that thing.
But I’ve been to David’s house on Christmas Eve and there are so many Mexicans there you would think they were giving away _______ (insert your own joke here- I suggest the following: Budweiser, Green Cards, jobs in front of the Home Depot, tacos… the possibilities are endless!).

Several answers

It does beg the question: what’s up with Mexicans having so many kids?

This query does not have one simple answer but I have my theories. First, there’s the reason that all agriculture based economies had so many kids. Just like America prior to WW2, families on the farm needed the farm hands. Same goes for Mexican farms. But that isn’t the only answer.

The second reason off the top of my head is Catholicism. There are some strict interpretations of the Bible that some argue prohibit any and all forms of birth control. The old catholic guilt will tell you that the only purpose for sex is to procreate. In fact the only reason a man’s seed should ever leave his body is for this reason otherwise he is guilty of onanism (which is just a fancy dirty word named after Onan, a guy from the Bible).

Cultural values of Mexicans

Third, it’s just one of the dominant cultural values, because Mexican families place great value on the family and on taking care of one another in a way that is very different from American values. It isn’t as common or acceptable for a child to go away to college far away and never return. Nor is it considered acceptable to place the old and infirmed in an old-folks home. The elders are to stay with the family and that’s that. This sense of family togetherness is related to the desire to have a large family.

So, why do Mexicans Have so Many Kids?

Therefore, I don’t really think there is much else to it than that: the farm, the no-birth-control-of-any-kind, and the family togetherness. To those of you who are waiting to start a family I would suggest this: don’t even look at a Mexican woman the wrong way, especially if she still has her catholic school uniform,  because you could end up a daddy before you know it.

Originally published in HispanicLA in 2010.

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Eric Valenzuela has continually transplanted himself, moving from one major city to another. He was born and raised in the Los Angeles area, has resided in San Francisco on two separate occasions (including a stint in Vallejo - the first American city to go bankrupt!), and now comes to you from New York City. Eric defines himself as a graduate student, writer, lover, former inmate, and sarcastic guy who desperately misses In-N-Out Burger and rocketing in his Mustang convertible which was left in California. He likes dogs, rock music, tacos and Italian food. Eric periodically writes in two blogs of his own: Transplanted (http://trans-plant.blogspot.com) and I'm Supposed to be Mexican (http://www.imsupposedtobemexican.com) and now he will also be sharing some of his stories with us at hispanicla.com.

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  1. man half of this comments are just racist with no life fr just stop winning on the internet usa is just other same contry nothing special the orginal americans were Indians so dont say shit

  2. Oh yeah and Jose, Almost every land people live was once occupied by someone else. It’s called human nature. Do you really think if this was Mexico it would be this way? Wouldn’t the southern states be overrun by gangsters and drug cartels? Waiting for your college educated answer. By the way, in the circle you live in a college degree is «unique». Most Americans live in a world where a college education is considered the norm with most folks having at least 2 years of education beyond high school. Mexico lost the territory fair and square, if ya’ll wanted to take it back then do it already. Otherwise please start acting like a respectful citizen. My Lord, you are an American so start acting like it and use your education to make a difference in your community. And when the Irish and Italians first came here (LEGALLY !!!!!) they were treated differently as well, until they started acting like the rest of the Americans already here. It only takes a few generations normally. The problem is all the «Hispanic» classes and Spanish speaking media are bias toward making YOU (Those of Spanish/Native descent) feel disenfranchised, so you keep voting to and support the illegal folks. You speak as if you are better than others because of your education (alleged education – that little paper doesn’t evaluate intelligence, only a degree). Please realize this is a fundamental problem and why your peoples are living in poverty. Maybe they should get rid of their smart phones, cable TV and fancy car they can’t afford and start living within their means and they wouldn’t be so poor. STOP BLAMING AMERICA FOR YOUR PROBLEMS. Its not Americas fault you are poor and the drug cartels run your country. Why don’t you Mexicans ask more from your government? Seems like you are so ready to attack America but it is Mexico who put you in this situation with the corrupt politicians, businessmen(Carlos Slim- defiantly not an example of honest businessman), and uneducated citizens. It is always easier to blame someone else, harder to take RESPONSIBILITY. That is what real men do. And our women have rights and respect. I don’t tell my wife to not learn English like most of you fools. When will all you macho(machismo- yeah sure- real manly) Mexican men finally start acting like responsible men? Time for all you fools with chips on your shoulders to show respect your American neighbors because they may be coming home from War and are why you are able to make your mindless, ignorant statements. Real education comes from your parents and experiences. You can’t fix stupid. You just teach it how to be a respectful citizen. You folks are the problem. My wife is of Mexican descent. My best friend is of Mexican descent. I have traveled the world and worked at a high level in a large company. trust me when I say your attitude needs to change. Stop hating the country that gave you everything you have. When you forefathers lived in Mexico they obviously wanted out at some point for some reason , right? Try to think WHY for once. BLAME MEXICO for your situation. Mexico treats illegal immigrants very poorly, so obviously someone is aware that illegal immigration is something to be controlled, even in wonderful Mexico, the smelly taint of the Americas.

    1. Totally agree with you!…and the author of this article is full of it, trying to make more excuses for Mexicans and their lack of real values!

  3. $$$$$ !!!!!!Mexicans in Mexico don’t act like these we have here. That is because a majority of illegal immigrants are of the ghetto, low life type that come here illegally. FACT.What about all the billboards in Mexico advertising having children in the US ??? My wife works in labor and delivery at the local hospital and many of the Mexicans who have babies there even admit they were advised by their doctors in Mexico to COME HAVE THEIR CHILDREN HERE. FACT!!!

  4. $$$$$ !!!!!!

    Mexicans in Mexico don’t act like these we have here.

    That is because a majority of illegal immigrants are of the ghetto, low life type that come here illegally. FACT.

    What about all the billboards in Mexico advertising having children in the US ??? My wife works in labor and delivery at the local hospital and many of the Mexicans who have babies there even admit they were advised by their doctors in Mexico to COME HAVE THEIR CHILDREN HERE. FACT!!!

  5. They did not have all these kids like that in Mexico , come to United States and get paid to have children, turned into a big fucking sex game.

  6. I am the eldest of 6 children from a single mexican mother and-oh how I wish she had stopped with my sister. Maybe I am a little resentful or just tired but due to her and my father’s selfishness I had to suffer for their decisions. First, they did not have much to begin with but still wanted children, and 2nd my father was a typical deadbeat parent. After he was murdered after being robbed (Which I find crazy-what do those bastards think they’ll get from a drunk loser who can’t even feed his family?) a lot more responsibility fell on me. I got 2 jobs at age 16 at fast food places and set aside MY DREAMS so my siblings can get a better start and we can perhaps live in a better place. My mother of course worked and did her best but unfortunatly was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer later in my senior year in highschool. Her illness, and the cost of our huge family was a strain on our financial security and there is not one day when I don’t worry about money. My mother has come to a point in her life to quit her treaments because she is «tired of living»-she says chemotherapy may be keeping her alive but the side-effects are too much for her anymore. I will inherit my siblings after my mom has gone but I wish I could have gone to college and lived on my own for once…to live my life. I love my siblings and in no way would I want them to «dissapear» from my life or have «never been born» I just wish my mother had made better descions when it came to having children.

    Anyhow what this all boils down to this is just what I think in general about big families:
    Having more kids than you can support is SELFISH, and more-so when you don’t have a back-up plan when it comes to possible emergencies in cases of a decessed parent.

    Having kids because you feel is a «right» or is «god’s gift» is also selfish and ignorant.
    Our planet is so overpopulated and I don’t think we need more babies in this world when there are so many that need homes.

    Invetrofertilization in my opinion is a big threat to the human race because resources are are limited and having 8 babies at one time is just to many to have at any time!

    It is very difficult to spend quality time with all the children in a big family which is important because you don’t wany any of them getting into trouble or making bad descions. Sure there is that whole nature vs nurture debate but no matter what a child’s start begins at home!

    I am glad to have wonderful and intelligent siblings (Thanks to my help =D) who aren’t the fatherless and poverty statisic kind whom are into gangs, drugs, and or are drop-outs. They are all now honor-roll highschool students who know the importance of how population overgrowth effects our environment and how you don’t need to buy usless crap just because «you want it».

    So far I know none of them want children of their own-we all want to adopt or will choose to have children when we know we have a career that can sustain a small family without a partner because you never know what may happen.

    Thank you for reading.

    1. Dear Letty, thank you for writing. You are so right! Everytime I read posts of sensible people, people who THINK before they do, it gives me hope. All the best for you and may you overcome all your problems and live a happy life.

  7. Don’t tell me all Mexican’s are Catholic, that’s a bunch of bull. Most Mexicans I know don’t go to church and have babies while not even being married. They want a kid they choose someone and have it. They don’t get married. Every time I see a Mexican woman in my part of town she’s pushing a stroller and has three kids following her. You never see the father. I agree with the above post that most Mexican men are hard workers but so are whites and are not all trailer trash like someone pointed out. My grandfather didn’t have a lot of money and came from Mexico with his wife. He always worked hard. He wasn’t low class like some of these Mexicans I see now. The Mexicans now want to fight or prove something. My family was well educated and hard working. My grandfather at one point owned many homes and this was from digging graves and working in a bakery. He was no millionaire but led a good life. He had four children who were well educated from public schools. The schools now are a joke.

  8. You really want to clean up this country? Focus on the trailer parks and all the mounds of white trash piled up. Putrid wastes stinking up society and enviroment while living off unemployment and welfare. Take a trip to Walmart, you’ll come home wanting to vomit. At least most Hispanics aren’t afraid to work you dumb fucks

  9. They have many children in the US and Canada (like arabs) because they are the ‘naco’ kind that immigrates and have children for all the wrong reasons (become a ‘majority’ living like crap, narcissism, ideology). Like it’s been said in Mexico it isn’t like that but it seems it’s always los nacos that immigrate the most.

  10. No entendio porque la jente piensa asi YES im white and can speak spanish because im half nicarguan its an insult that America beliees that all Hispanics are «Mexicans» it sickens me and if america is tired of them so much get strict about immigration policies such as not allowing welfare for illegals or preenting them from coming here in the first place!!! but seriously worry about other things such as getting educated then we wouldnt be in this DAMN recession

  11. Sorry, but the whole «Latinos care more about their families and sticking together than Americans, that’s why they have so many kids!!» is a bunch of bull$*!#.
    A couple of facts:
    Nearly half of the children born to Hispanic mothers in the U.S. are born out of wedlock. Hispanic women have the highest unmarried birthrate in the country—over three times that of whites and Asians, and nearly one and a half times that of black women.
    (from the Centers for Disease Control)

    Don’t believe, look it up. Sorry but an abundance of single mother households doesn’t really add up to «strong family values»… where are the husbands/fathers?

    1. I see young Mexican kids here in Chicago having kids. I saw a pregnant mother that looks not a day over 16 years pushing a stroller with one baby in it and two kids walking behind her. The father is nowhere to be seen. She just came from a store where she bought groceries on public assistance. I see this all the time. Mexican mothers often use WIC cards. When I pay, I have to do so in cash. This isn’t fair!!! This woman should be ashamed of herself. No respect, no education, no morals, just trash that clogs our system. She contributes nothing toward our society. The state should cut off her welfare and a doctor should tie her tubes. The neglected kids wil probably join a gang to feel needed and part of a family. Who says Mexicans are family oriented? They are NOT. Many gangbangers join gangs because their families have neglected and abandoned them and couldn’t properly raise them. They turned to gangs.

      1. You know, i totally agree with you, I’m Mexican, and i’m only 13 year’s old with a smart head, and doesn’t do any drug’s, and never join gang’s. In my school, in California Westminster 92683, that’s the postol code, anyway’s as i was sayin’, there are to many pot addict’s and most of them are Mexican’s, and their was this Mexican mother who had over 7 kid’s, 2 of them are in a so called »West 13 gangster’s» and 4 of them are just pot addict’s that can’t stop smoking weed, and they are not very good at school at all, and they think they are better then anyone who mess’es with them. Their mother doesn’t even work while the father support’s the family, and doesn’t realize their children are in danger of having a bad life. Most Mexican’s in Mexico are really nice actually, they don’t have that much kid’s, they are actually going to school, and doing well, they don’t join gang’s or do drug’s, they just have a normal life as a »REAL» Mexican should have done in the first place, and have properly raised them good. I was born in Mexico Ensenada, baja California, and yes, this city is HUGE, and too many wealthy people, but low ta rate’s and have bad lookin’ street’s, but i see them fixing them, we just have to wait for Mexico to get better, and have Mexican’s live in Mexico for life.

  12. The 2 main points raised as explanations for why Mexicans have so many in their famalies, should be observed. First, you note agrigultural reasons, large families like
    the ones that came from Europe years ago. Why is it then, when one goes to a large Nexican city, there are kids all over the place and no ag fields? I visit Colombia,Peru,and Argentina. They seem to have their populations under control. Next, Catholism. Well, I would guess there are more gang members in prison than Mexicans who attend church,
    That’s the biggest phony out excuse. Many of hte Irish, Italian and Spanish who came here from Europe also were Catholic with large famalies. For the most part, Six. And they were all good Catholics. By the way, isn’t there something in the Catholic religion saying one should not have children at the age of 13? Or sex? In short, Mexican girls are putas.
    Oh by the way, back to agrigcultural reason. Listen, China is a huge ag country, yet they imposed a one child only policy and now are probably the most productive nation in the world. Can you imagine the President of Mexico saying «Only one child per family». Well, unless the Mexicans get things under control, we may have to impose a law like that here.
    THe third reason cultural value of a large family? Are you saying that other ethnic groups do not value famioly as much as Mexicans. If so, you are as ignorant as the tatooed hoodies. The difference, the other groups want a better life for their children, and conscious of the earts ecosystem.

    1. Saying all Mexican women are putas shows where your educational level is and your mindset. Mexico’s birthrate is now the same as the U.S. and Canada. The government has done agressive family planning in the country since 1980. It is RARE to see a Mexican mother with more than 2 children today. Mexico’s population is by and large a young one because among the 50% of the population what lives in some form of poverty the life expectancy is only about 62 yrs old. We have such a large criminal illegal alien population due to the fact if you have prison record in Mexico you will never work again hence they flee across the border. Until the day comes when it is impossible to work in this country without being a legal resident they will keep coming.

      1. RARE to see mexican woman with more than 2 kids??? where are you? because if i look around here i see on average at LEAST 3 to one mexican female and usually they all look 1 year apart as if they popped one right after the other. anyway, this article can not excuse the fact that high birthrate is irresponsible and resulting from ignorance and contentment with low quality of life. you can claim family values all day long or blame religion but it does little to sugar coat the pill of reality that these people refuse to take the pill of birth control. get real.

    2. Roberto Your Right. James your wrong. Im tired of people backing up the latin population saying there «Isnt» a lot. The fact that you see latino/latinas more times ANYWHERE than any other race is proof of their population growth. I wouldnt go so far as to say their whores lol. But you could say they must know nothing of the condom??? And Sure you might see a mexican mother with one or 2 kids, but even still that «mothers» most likely still in her teens!


  13. If my religion did not believe in birth control, and I had 5 kids I could not already take care of having to count on someone else to pay for them, through food stamps, medical, I would keep my pants zipped up if I were the male, if I were the female I would sleep with my legs closed. White, black, brown don’t care what color you are, you have sex you get knocked up, YOU PAY FOR YOUR OWN MISTAKES.
    And I dont care again what color you are, it so happens I live in an agricultural area, when I go into MY local grocery store, what do I see??? Yes, sorry to say mexican kids running everywhere, screaming, digging through the bulk food that I would have bought but since kids have filthy hands, digging through the bins of food, shoving it in their mouths while standing there looking at me….I don’t appreciate it. Where is the mother, why should she care so long as they are not bothering her….all I hear is meda, meda, meda…..if you can’t control your kids leave them home, you might be used to eating someone dug through I do not. You do not have the right to have so many kids you cannot control…it really disgusts me. Yes I can shop elsewhere, but why should I? I dont buy any bulk foods, thanks to those kids……and this has not happened just once or twice, keep them on leashes.

    1. The government of Mexico is one of the few countries in the developing world where they have gotten their birth rate under control. Their birth rate is about where The U.S. and Canada are now. Here in The U.S. you see large number of kids among the poor and uneducated but not among educated Mexicans. Why poor Mexicans have large numbers of kids here and not in Mexico itself is a the subject of debate.

    2. Zap Your Right. Its NOT fair to overwhelm yourselves AND everyone else with your kids. Especially if you cant both control, or feed them. If it wasnt bad enough in America with crimes, poverty, terroism, starvation, and economic troubles. We have to deal with theirs too. Which, some wouldnt see as so much of a problem seeing how we do it for the Africans, Hatian, Asians, and others I guess. But they arent flocking her. And making babies….


  14. Interesting topic. In Mexico the large family of multiple children is gone. Massive government program promoting small nuclear famlies as a patriotic duty have brought the birthrate down to white anglos in the U.S. Here in the USA most Mexican American families do tend to overwhelm themselves and society with too many children. Most I know have at least 4 which is still too many for most of these families hence the sky high poverty, food stamp use and so on of first generation Mexican American children and even second and third generation. I lived in Los Angeles ten years ago and I was very impressed by the closeness of families but in our modern 21st century post industrial society these parents are setting the children up to fail by having too many.

  15. The amount of kids many Mexican families have is simply inexcusable. It’s almost at the point where it should be considered child abuse. Just like you can have too many cats, you can have too many kids. No difference. No excuse. Just stupidity. If they want to be American, they can take a look at the rest of the country, speak English, go to school, come here legally, work here legally, and for Christ’s sake, put on a damn condom! If you don’t like it here, Queden en su pais!

  16. They are trying to breed as much as they can so that they can get a leg up, and eventually become the majority – which won’t be long at the rate they are going. Unfortunately, all they are doing is overpopulating a planet that is already pushed to it’s limits. They should be thinking about what’s best for all of our children and future grandchildren. It’s pretty sad :(

  17. If you all just shut the fuck up and actually did something towards our economic problem then problably we would all be just fine.

    1. AT Francisco Gutierrez
      Ohh please . For what so you can get more welfare n pop 9 more kids? go to restaurants and small business n see all the non tax payers MEXICANS!!!!.
      I HATE MEXICANS with a passion. you people are the problem..
      And you people are not Latin your Mexicans

      1. «Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.» (Martin Luther King, Jr.) Alex you just demonstrated how ignorant you are, I’m mexican and I pay my taxes, I’m also attending a university so that I can give back to the community. I don’t believe we are the problem, the problem is the ignorant people who drop out of high and can’t even spell a sentence correctly. The problem is that in America more people like you are focusing on descriminating rather than educating themselves to compete with other countries. We are latin, Latin-Americans.

        1. You are probably majoring in something really stupid like psychology. ALL Illegal MEXICANS need to be deported, then the economy will finally stabilize.

  18. Dear Sir,
    I found your blog quite eridite and inspriring. You make sense where many of your proponents are either silly or just stupid. Mexican immagrints are kind people that neither harm nor hurt the American economy. You are a nice writer; not that great, but a nice writer. Wish I could say hello once in awhile.

  19. So why is no one pointing out that (at least in California) the government gives free/cheap medical, welfare, food, clothing and housing to low income families, the more kids you have the lower income you have and the more «in need» you are. It’s bs, I’m not prejudice, I just think it’s fair that we ALL work for our money…..meh

  20. Mexicans DO NOT have a lot of kids. In fact, Census in Mexico revealed that each Mexican woman has an average of 2 kids. http://www.eluniversal.com.mx/notas/683945.html
    It seems more that large families are found among Hispanics and new immigrants in the U.S. rather than among Mexicans in Mexico. And I don’t know the exact reason.
    But Mexico started a very strong policy of birth control since the 70s. I only have one sister, I am 29 and I still don’t want kids!

  21. WHO CARES ABOUT A FEW MEXICAN FAMILIES HAVE ONLY A FEW KIDS,most have as many as they can,,,makes me sick….wasting tax payers money. Crowding er rooms etc. The list never stops! Stay in mexico and deal with your population problems there! And they do have way too many kids! You would be stupid to say other wise!

  22. I am very embarrassed of the mexicans I meet that think they do not need to learn English or stop having a billion kids. I hate the ones that are ghetto and act like school is a joke.

    I appreciate the ones that get an education and attempt a life beyond what is expected.

    1. Vanessa, I don’t think this is just a problem that pretains just to the mexican population but other raices as well.

      1. Yeah Christina obviously slow. Let me tell you why.I only have to say one thing…Statistics!! prove that illegal Mexicans are
        1) The highest uneducated (teens and young adults).
        2) Have the highest birth rates (not to mention their income).
        3) Have the highest rate of crime (mostly rape and drugs).

        When will people wake up and realize that Mexicans are the problem. When will people accept the reality of facts and numbers. THIS IS NO LONGER OPINION BASED TOPIC! we can prove that Mexicans are causing problems in our schools, our taxes, and our economy. Why even argue this topic! we all know the truth and somehow people like Christina cant get heads around numbers and facts.

  23. I am sick of seeing how poor the Mexicans are. If you’re so freaking poor, quit having kids. Rubbers don’t cost that much — put one on.

    1. finally; i went to the clinic and this lady was dying with her six children and still expecting. She treated them like shit ….so why not clamp tha vag of hers and masturbate

  24. The reason Latino women have so many kids is total ignorance. The men practically rape them all the time and refuse to use protection. The women seem to have an idealized view of «being pregnant» like it is something holy. Any animal can breed and reproduce. It is not a special talent. This world’s resources are stretched to the limit and spreading your stupid genes around is the last thing we need.

    1. There’s no one reason for them having many kids and I think its unfair for you to put them all in the same ignorance category. If you honestly think that the men practically rape then you would or should have more compassion for them rather than just judging them based on your own ignorance.
      So now you think you can dictate who can or should reproduce? How would you isolate the spread of these «stupid» genes?
      Again your other post is just has narrow minded as the first one. There are many factors that play into why they have many kids. You could read my posts and get a better insight instead of just making sweeping assumptions based on ignorance.

      1. No there really isnt. Eileen your comment was a lil harse, but right. The men do not consider the womens opinions in sex. They just do it. The problem is the women take it, and embrace it. There are many factors to why Mexican women have so many children. lol But none of them are in any way a noble cause!

        -Swag :]

  25. I want to clarify, that Mexican is a nationality not a race, and the Hispanic race term was invented during the presidency of Richard Nixon, yes my proud Chicano,and Tejano friends, the father of the Hispanic Race is a Richard Nixon and Nixon like most Americans does not know history, Hispanics are Iberians from Spain. As I Mexican national I refused to be called Hispanic because Richard Nixon did not invented my country and my identity and by the way the we Mexicans are also white and Caucasian because we have Spanish blood, and guess what my fellow Americans that did not learn geography in school
    Spain is part of Europe and when in the College Application they put White persons whose origins are in the peoples of Europe, hello Perez, Garza, Lopez are Spanish European last names and by the way Spanish was not invented in Michiocan. It comes from Spain and is a European language like English and by the way for those who defend Aztlan
    DNA testing was done to the Navajos and some other Indian tribes and their ancestry was traced to Mongolia in China, therefore Mexicans with India features are Asians, related to the Chinese. Do you believe that our so called Hispanic politicians want people to know that, no, because you can not sell your minority ticket, My conclusion Mexican Americans and new immigrants are brainwashed in school why you have to be a minority in your own house, I understand that we Mexican nationals lost Texas, New Mexico, Arizona,
    and now our populations are minorities, I am sorry we are the majority because Mexicans like native Indians are the true owners of those lands taken by the Americans therefore we are not minorities, we came first, it is like you coming to my house and then called your house, that is trespassing someone else property, we Mexican nationals. Please get educated and read, and please do not call yourself Hispanic, that term only exists in the United States be proud of your Asian and European ancestry.

  26. I am a Mexican national, born in Mexico, educated at a Mexican University and I emigrated to the United states, the majority of my fellow Mexicans that emigrated to the United States recently are very hard working people however they are not educated. They mostly come from very poor areas in the country same situation happened with the Italian and Irish immigrants that came from Southern Europe and by the way the Italians had large families too like most Roman Catholic countries where contraception is forbidden by the local priest. Mexico suffered from overpopulation and that is why many young emigrants came to this country, however the Mexican population in Mexico is aging, soon we won’t be able to export more people. A new breed of Mexicans are crossing the border to escape the violence, the well educated, rich and skilled that soon will make San Antonio and South Texas become the next Miami, where being Mexican will be consider a sign of achievement. The problem in Mexico has been educational and there is no explanation why Mexican Americans have such a low high school graduation rate, I proposed a solution to the problem, send the Mexican American dropped out kids to Mexico and replace them by Mexican nationals that are hungry to get a college education and the opportunities of advancement that the United States of America offers and you will see the difference. We will be the Congressmen, lawyers, business people. Because we Mexicans are smart people, otherwise would not have Carlos Slim, the richest man in the world.

    1. Eric:
      «To those of you who are waiting to start a family I would suggest this: don’t even look at a Mexican woman the wrong way, especially if she still has her catholic school uniform, because you could end up a daddy before you know it.»

      First of all, instead of blaming the women for having all these babies, why don’t you stop and think about how babies are made. It’s not a woman in a catholic school uniform that makes a baby, it’s a man that doesn’t want to wear a condom.

      I agree with yours & Rafael’s point regarding contraceptives and Catholicism. However, I think your theory is lacking a deeper analysis of gender roles among Latin@s in America, Mexico & the rest of Latin America. Culture is not stagnant, imaginary lines dividing a continent means very little in today’s globalized world. It’s dangerous to speculate where you have no evidence. Your entire «article» and «theory» is based on stereotypes and assumptions of your own. If you want to be taken seriously as a blogger, cite some evidence. Link some articles. Back up what you’re saying because if you don’t you’re perpetuating the same harmful stereotypes that young Latin@s fall into because they believe what your saying is true about them as well.
      And THAT^^^ Jose, is exactly why Latin@s are dropping out of high school.
      ( http://colorlines.com/archives/2009/09/latina_hs_dropout_rate_at_41_p.html )

      There was a Jorge Ramos series on Univision where he interviewed a bunch of first generation Latin@s who had dropped out of high school. They all talked about how their teachers expected less of them so they never thought they could achieve anything. On top of the racism they experience in schools, the hardships placed upon youth from recently emigrated families is enough to make anyone drop out. This may not necessarily be true in America, but globally we know that the more education a woman has, the fewer children she has. So maybe education has more to do with fertility rates than farming, catholicism, and ‘family togetherness’-whatever that means.

      To summarize; don’t blame women for having too many babies, back up your statements with evidence, and please stop contributing to negative stereotypes.

    2. Can’t compare most Mexican immigrants to Italian and Irish ones. They came legally through Ellis Island; most Mexican immigrants play the «run the border» game.

  27. These blog posts are ridiculously offensive in so many ways. Not only do they generalize (even while the writer HIMSELF doesn’t fit the stereotype!), it often sounds like the articles are written more for a non-Latino audience.

    And the picture! Oh lord the picture! Great way of transforming someone’s family into a freak show. You must be very proud.

  28. I live in Colorado, in an area that predominantly Mexican. (By the way I am white) I have noticed being out and about in the neighborhood that the women usually have at least 3 small kids around them. Furthermore, the mothers are young! I don’t know how it is in Mexico, but I feel like maybe Mexican’s come here and take advantage of our social resources to benefit as much as possible via having as many children as possible. This logic seems counterproductive, since children are very expensive to raise and having lots of them as a young mother practically guarantees poverty. But I think this trend should change as the planet is overpopulated, and America does not enough resources to support all these children who really shouldn’t even be here b/c their parents are often illegal.

    1. To Gypsy Girl,
      So let me get this straight you think that the only reason Mexicans come here is to take advantage of the social resources? And you base this conclusion on no facts other than they are young? Do you have actual proof for your «logical» conclusions or is this just based on Fox News? Your biases are based on thinking that all people who are brown and look Mexican are illegal so your «logic» fails there. Assumptions without facts is silly and not logical.
      You know what I see in California, I see white people on the streets, homeless and begging for money. They are are lying on the floor in a drunken stuppor asking everybody for money, how many resources do you think they take? Granted some of them might be vets or mentally ill but there sure are a lot of white people burdening our social resouces. You know what I don’t see? I don’t see Mexicans begging people for money or lying on the floor with dirt stained clothes asking for change. Perhaps this trend should change.
      I dpo agree that everybody should have less children and that we are over populated but for you to assume it’s only Mexicans is beyond ridiculous. Like I mentioned in my previous posts religion, Catholic religion, plays a huge part in this situation. Unfortunately many Mexicans are Catholic and are firm believers of «sins» and follow the pope’s teachings. I think through education many Mexicans will get past the anchor that is religion.

      1. You know your thing SR….yes religion, education, and so many family traditions have to do with this and other aspects…I live in Rosarito Mexico and have been here for 9 years and I have been doing my studies and got some statistics of the local Mexicans…My husband is a well educated liberal person, we are both atheist and love to talk and be open of ideas and cultural aspects of our Country and other 3rd world Countries…there is not much difference in other 3rd world Countries with Mexico’s population…for example (INDIA, AFRICA and OTHER 3RD WORLD COUNTRIES.) Mexicans are no different then this mention….I grow up in San Diego Cal. and it has been hard for me to adapt and learn about this issue, it is very educational to live in Mexico if some one is tolerant and likes to educate them self’s. My most recent discovery has been the irrationality way of thinking of THE religious people in the world…I have family and friends and I JUST CANT BELIEVE WHAT THEY WRITE ABOUT BASED ON THEY INTERPRETATION RELIGIOUS BELIEFS…They will not reason…and this applies to the making of so many babies in Mexico…

  29. To Rafael.
    Yes as a matter of fact I do speak,write and read in Spanish and I’m currently learning French like the rest of my siblings. No hay necesidad que traduzcas tu comentario pero lo que si se ocupa es clarificacion.
    Your lack of understanding my comment has clearly led you to make huge and mistaken assumptions.
    First of all, Eric failed in giving any type of explanation for why Mexicans have many kids. Not only that he came off as a prick for those deragotory comments. Secondly what opinion of mine did you address for me to consider changing? Its seems that you and Eric share the same type of thinking in that you both make biased opinions.
    One thing I will give you is that you somehow understand that religions can have been and will continue to be manipulative. In this comment you make my hypothesis seem stronger because the majority of Mexicans are Catholic and adhere to those beliefs and teachings. Religion does have some correlation with many kids.
    Es obvio que el Ingles no es tu primer idioma porque no entendiste nunca palabra que escribi. Quizas tu eres el que ocupa que yo traduzca mi comentario.

  30. Rafael, lo pongo en español, si es que sabes hablarlo porque tu nombre viene de origen hispano. Yo hablo italiano, francés e inglés, si no lo entiendes dime y te lo traduzco.
    Hay mucho más que mexicanos «granjeros», se nota que no te has dado una vuelta por el país.
    En mi familia todos somos universitarios, vivimos bien y hablamos distintos idiomas.
    De hecho tenemos casas y un nivel de vida que cualquier persona en Estados Unidos desearía.
    Eric trató de ilustrar un poco lo que pasa en la sociedad mexicana pero de qué te asustas?
    En Estados Unidos hay religiones, o sectas mejor dicho, verdaderamente manipuladoras donde las familias tienen más de diez hijos.
    Ojalá reconsideres tu opinión.

  31. @ Lorena.
    Could you clarify who’s closing comment you’re referring to and then why its stupid and offensive. Thanks.

  32. First of all Eric I would like to clarify a few things for you. A theory is a well established principle that has been exstensivley tested and is generally accepted by the public. It is generally used to explains something in the natural world. Your article is a hypothesis in which it is a mere speculation on why Mexicans have so many children. It is a big misconception among many people and I just think it needs clarification.
    Secondly I would like to point out that out of the 3 hypothesis that you mention I think 2 of them Mexicans can do with out. By giving people the insight into other options they can move out of this type of thinking. I think that most Mexicans while Catholic fail to see the hypocrisy of the church and for some reason are adamnat about keeping their faith. BY informing them that there are other ways of having a belief in god without following ridiculous beliefs. By ridiculous beliefs I mean the church condeming condoms or other forms of protection for pregnancy.
    Once Mexicans move out of that thinking and stop having so many kids they can focus on giving the one or two children the proper attention and education to be more than just farm workers. I’m not trying to knock down the very hard working farm workers but its time to move out of that way of being, wouldn’t you agree?
    For the third one I have a hypothesis of my own, I believe that the reason Mexicans need a sense of togetherness within their family is a lack of community activity. The way I see it is if someone is disconnected from society and doesn’t feel a bond we, not just Mexicans, tend to search it within our families. Perhaps taking active roles in communtiy activities would help in lowering procreation and also give Mexicans a voice in what is going on around them. That of course is just my opinion.

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