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COVID-19 Response Inside California’s Division of Juvenile Justice

If DDJ´s inability to handle the 2019 Legionella outbreak at Chad is any indication, there is a lot to me alarmed with the current COVID-19 response.

Could It Happen in America? – About Portland and Argentina´s ´Dirty War´

They threw him in an unmarked van, was blindfolded, and taken to what was later determined to be a federal detention facility.

Free All Children and Parents Together!

A federal judge ordered that children held by ICE be released declaring that facilities are “on fire” with confirmed cases of COVID-19.

The Heroes Act, by U.S. Representative Nanette Barragan

I made it a priority to guarantee economic relief, access to health care, and dignity for essential workers in The HEROES Act

Free Families in ICE Detention and Protect Them During the Pandemic

Amnesty International USA asks to write to ICE authorities expressing concern about the wellbeing of immigrants held in detention.

Companies Ban Zoom After Data Leak

As the company grows, so does the concern for cybersecurity. Google and SpaceX have prohibited using Zoom as a precaution to avoid data being leaked. 

European Imperialism, Quinceañeras, and the Cinco de Mayo

In a time of polarization, connecting history with music and our customs, entertains, soothes, calms, and it can make history interesting, and relevant.

Senator Harris and Others Demand Release of Detained Children Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Senator Kamala D. Harris (D-CA) and Congresswoman Veronica Escobar (D-TX) led 49 colleagues in demanding the release of detained children amid crisis.

Letter About Fear, Coronavirus, and the SB 1070

Dear undocumented workers, I wanted to write this letter because I know you are tough, but this pandemic is testing the limits of everyone.

Cuba: beyond the tourism hub, a photographer’s experience

Havana, Cuba has been suspended in time in many cases, in the 50’s to be precise. Partly because of the U.S. embargo imposed on the island.

 Los Angeles County Announces 9 New Deaths Related to the Coronavirus

Public Health has identified 1216 cases across all areas of LA County, including 21 deaths. A list of the neighborhoods where it has hit is included.

Where news websites are sexy, trendy, and viral there is room for HispanicLA

In a world where most news websites are sexy, trendy, clicky and viral, and journalism, the printed word, the truth are dying, there is room for HispanicLA

The Trump Distortion Effect: The Black Hole

The President could be compared to a toxic black hole that bends people into either intense devotion or a feeling of inescapable awfulness and horror. 

Bolivia, Evo Morales and Venezuela: part 2/2

Evo's Bolivian Revolution was the target of vicious commentaries, slanderous speculations and fake news: white supremacists now restore the ancient regime

Bolivia, Evo Morales and Venezuela

Evo's resignation was provoked by a civil uprising conducted by the white minority, to recover power and return the Indian population to the mountains and the forests, and admit Indians only as house servants, cleaning workers and trash collectors


Cruzando Líneas: Un año sin cruzar

La pandemia ha demostrado que la brecha social se vuelve abismal incluso -quizá más- en la frontera.

In Search of the Shot

Public health officials say the supply is growing and will meet demand in several months, but, for now, readers’ experiences show how access is limited.

Medio millón de víctimas, presentes

Con respeto, con emoción, con tristeza, nos unimos al presidente Biden y a todos los hombres y mujeres de buena voluntad en recordar a nuestros caídos en los embates del COVID-19


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