Request for Submissions on Spanglish


Request for Submissions on Spanglish 1

Attention all bloggers, academicians, researchers, linguists, writers, journalists, etc in the US and throughout the Hispanic world: invites you to participate in an upcoming special edition addressing


The ever-increasing spread and influence of the Spanish language in the US and its inevitable interaction with English has led to the emergence and daily use of a new dialect, rejected by those who pretend to insist on English as the sole vehicle of communication.  Spanglish is a hybrid in the barrio and even in the corporate world–albeit in a more refined form.

This change in language code has been gaining momentum during the last 150 years, and now it demands its own place. This coming special edition is an opportunity for the analysis and the creation of new proposals for the inclusion, recognition and development of Spanglish.

This project is being organized by and will be coordinated by Aurelia Fierros.

Entries can include multimedia and audiovisual resources. Those selected will be published in a special electronic format supplement .

Entries accepted include:

  • Essays
  • Journalistic articles
  • Short stories

The topics can include:

  • Spanglish as a sub language.
  • Towards a new language?
  • Spanglish and the Border Identity
  • Spanglish: Is it just a Dialect?
  • Cultural assimilation: a challenge for those immigrants who don’t speak English but who are also reluctant to speak Spanish.

Deadline for submissions:  April 7, 2010.

For more information, please contact:

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