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A path with heart: a tsunami that never arrived

A Path with Heart: A Tsunami that Never Arrived

The powerful earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan made me remember the tsunami alert that mobilized Mazatlán when I was a child.
Los libros, víctimas del terremoto

A Path with Heart: A Real Treasure

For children and students, libraries complement their education. For adults, libraries are an opportunity for life-long learning. I know that California is in financial trouble, but for many people public libraries are the only path to self improvement.
A path with heart: a great daughter

A Path with Heart: A Great Daughter

In Mexico, nursing homes are humble and frugal dwellings. Only the poor and childless live in them. In Mexico, most families take care of their elders until they die. Placing a parent in a senior home is almost unheard of.
A path with heart: la peña de bernal

‘La Peña de Bernal’, a monolith and a magic town in Central Mexico

We are going to La Peña de Bernal, the world's second largest monolith located in San Sebastian Bernal, a small town in central Mexico, which is on the list of “36 magic towns in Mexico”
Los que se quedan

Los que se quedan, por Araceli Martínez Ortega

El documental 'Los que se quedan' dirigido por Juan Carlos Rulfo y Carlos Hagerman cuenta la historia de nueve familias mexicanas cuyos padres, esposos e hijos emigraron a México