A path with heart: the woman in black

A Path with Heart: The woman in black

Over and over again, the woman pressed her veil to the bridge of her nose as if she was afraid that it would slip and reveal her face. She was covered from head to toe in a black fabric. Her brown eyes were the only visible thing about her, and they were extremely beautiful: brown, big and with curly eyelashes. […]

Los libros, víctimas del terremoto

A Path with Heart: A Real Treasure

For children and students, libraries complement their education. For adults, libraries are an opportunity for life-long learning. I know that California is in financial trouble, but for many people public libraries are the only path to self improvement. […]

A path with heart: not one crooked tooth

A Path with Heart: Not One Crooked Tooth

The men stopped the car about five kilometers from the highway. They told my friend that they would forgive him for trying to run away. They stole his new truck, his cell phone, his documents and they took 2,000 pesos (160-165 dollars) that my friend had in his wallet. Then, believe or not, the robbers gave the doctor 500 pesos (40 dollars) so he could catch a bus home. […]