Despedirse del verano
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Despedirse del verano

En Muscle Beach las chicas se apretujan contra una cerca para ver a unos hombres de taparrabo y músculos desmedidos que del otro lado exhiben ejercicios corporales


Tequila: Things I Want You To Know

1) Cuervo Gold is not a premium tequila. 2) Tequila is not meant to be taken as a shot every time you drink it. 3) Your buddies from San Diego State who “totally drank the worm from the bottle of tequila,” are lying to you

The king of tacos
Cultura popular

The King of Tacos: Mexican food in Los Angeles

They do  still serve aguas frescas which sounds very good during these summer months. Other menu items include tamales, sopes, and chicken, but you go for the tacos. I won’t be making my way to Southern California for at least another couple of months but already my mouth is watering for some of those delicious tacos. […]

Latinos en los angeles: juanísima
Derechos civiles

Latinos en Los Angeles: Juanísima

“Existen grupos que hacen trabajo organizativo con ideas de izquierda en pro de los inmigrantes pero que actúan en grupos cerrados descuidando las necesidades la base. Organizaciones con supuestos líderes que en realidad terminan casándose con el poder”. […]

I’m supposed to be mexican

I’m supposed to be Mexican

My family’s story is not unlike thousands of others. My parents came to Mexico as children. Legally, as far as I’ve been told. My grandparents, seeking more opportunity and a better life, looked to America as do just about everyone else in the world. […]