domingo, febrero 23, 2020

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The Underwear Bomber and Obama’s Anti-Terror Policy

Al Qaeda is testing the Obama administration from many fronts and eager to use any resources. We can see it by just analyzing their willingness to utilize a confused, on the verge of depression, 23-year-old kid, in an operation far from the sophistication of the 9/11 attack.

RNC chairman Michael Steele under fire from Republican Senators

Steele's comments will likely help to fuel an already yawning divide between the Republican Party establishment and it's increasingly agitated and pseudo-Libertarian supporters. The Tea Party movement, based most discernibly on nationalist patriotism than any one platform, will not tolerate such a perceived lack of support for our Armed Forces.

Franz Schurmann (1926-2010)

Franz Schurmann, the foremost scholar of Communist China during the Cold War, an early opponent of the US war in Indochina, and the co-founder of Pacific News Service, died at his home in San Francisco on Aug. 20., 2010

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