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Smallfoot: un mundo al revés

Smallfoot aborda el mito de la existencia de los yetis, solo que al revés. ¿Suena raro? Pues no cuando leas a lo que me refiero....

Miembros de grupos racistas arrestados en California

Arrestaron a cuatro californianos que el año pasado participaron de un violento mitin convocado por la derecha nacionalista en Charlottesville, Virginia. Se los acusa...

No sólo por amor nos casamos

Cuando Giovanni la vio a Carlota por primera vez en una fiesta en una casa en Reseda, California, dice que se enamoró en el...

Ser argentino, ser latino en Estados Unidos

Para muchos que han arribado de países al sur del Río Grande, no resulta nada complicado definirse como latinos. Sus grandes referentes son civilizaciones...

Protect yourself from Notarios and Immigration Consultants

These consultants routinely make promises that are not legally feasible, take large sums of money, file papers with incorrect, incomplete, and often fraudulent information, leaving the client unaware of the content of the applications filed.

Soccer, a Princess, and a Dirty War

Although we cannot judge children for the actions of their parents, it is very difficult for me to forget that Princess Maxima is the daughter of Jorge Horacio Zorreguieta, a wealthy sugar cane industrialist who served as under-secretary of Agriculture when the military juntas ruled Argentina in the 1970s.

The Mission District in San Francisco

Since it has become the trend for young urban white people to gentrify neighborhoods the Mission has seen a dramatic increase in the white population along with increased housing prices.

A path with heart: The Kissing Disparity

Kissing in public spaces is so common in Mexico City and in the South of Mexico, but so uncommon in the rest of Mexico or in California.

Another crowned Queen joins the anti-LGBT dark side

We cannot allow our Golden State, which has some of the most comprehensive protections for LGBT people and minorities, to regress into a one with a climate of hostility and fear. The fight for full equality for all calls for our combined efforts in order to successfully stop Lozano, Verastegui and their anti-LGBT group from importing hate into our state.

Origin and perspective of Spanglish in the United States (I)

Spanish, the second most common language in this country, represents a linguistic mosaic to which the original Hispanic presence as well as the subsequent migration flows, have contributed.

Obama and the Freedom of the Press

For the sake and the preservation of journalism, its media role should be understood as the watchdog of private, as well as public entities and officials, including its ability to denounce corruption and fraud when the occasion arises.

The magic of Os Mutantes: Influential Brazilian band visits California

The Brazilian band Os Mutantes reappears from the ashes, has a new CD and performs in San Francisco, California

Poetic Justice: Dobbs Owes Everything to Immigrants

Editor’s note: After Wednesday's abrupt on-air resignation of veteran CNN anchor Lou Dobbs, many Latino advocacy and immigrant rights groups felt vindicated. They had...

Book Presentation / Discussion at Pasadena’s La Pintoresca Public Library

Randy Jurado Ertll, author of "Hope in Times of Darkness: A Salvadoran American Experience" will be discussing the content of his book and the importance of promoting literature among the Salvadoran American and Latino youth.

An Attack Against Prevention and Intervention

Those who defend Sánchez believe the legal campaign against him has broad social and political ramifications, and threatens to de-legitimize the social justice approach to the problem of gangs. That perception is widespread.

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