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Poetic Justice: Dobbs Owes Everything to Immigrants

Editor’s note: After Wednesday's abrupt on-air resignation of veteran CNN anchor Lou Dobbs, many Latino advocacy and immigrant rights groups felt vindicated. They had...

Book Presentation / Discussion at Pasadena’s La Pintoresca Public Library

Randy Jurado Ertll, author of "Hope in Times of Darkness: A Salvadoran American Experience" will be discussing the content of his book and the importance of promoting literature among the Salvadoran American and Latino youth.

An Attack Against Prevention and Intervention

Those who defend Sánchez believe the legal campaign against him has broad social and political ramifications, and threatens to de-legitimize the social justice approach to the problem of gangs. That perception is widespread.

A PATH WITH HEART: Bipartisan Shmipartisan

I feel sad to see our legislators wasting precious time fighting against the confirmation of a capable Latino leader who is willing to break ranks, an uncommon and much needed trait in the State Capitol.

A PATH WITH HEART: Four years at the Capitol

Now more than ever, the poor need reporters to express their grievances and to put pressure on politicians to work on solutions.

Why Marriage in Mexico City Matters

This morning, en route to work, I told my mother I was getting married and asked her if she’d travel to Mexico City and join me as we exchanged vows. “Yes! When do we leave?” she responded.

A PATH WITH HEART: Two dissapointing candidates

It is true that undocumented immigrants have violated laws when they crossed the border without a visa, but this situation cannot be fixed by attacking the weak link in the chain.

Zoot Suit Riot

I would much rather see a bunch of guys hanging around in suits, even if they are ill-fitting suits, than pants that could house several animals, and prints in which a clown would feel silly.

A PATH WITH HEART: What a relief!

One in three Hispanics does not have health coverage. Thirty two percent of all the uninsured are Latinos.

Ricky Martin fighting homophobia?

We’ve learned that sharing our personal stories as openly LGBT people with our friends, family, coworkers and neighbors is the most effective way to end homophobia and change hearts and minds.

A PATH WITH HEART: A Hard Decision

If marijuana is legalized, it is my biggest desire that it comes with more education for our children about the consequences of drug addiction.

The Spanglish of the cholo

This isn’t the typical Spanglish where one might say carro instead of coche, or always answer with “que” when “mande usted” would be more appropriate. No, this is more like saying “watcha,” or “trucha”.

Origin and perspective of Spanglish (II)

Inglanol, espanglés, bastard Spanish, Pachuco slang, pocho and many others, have been terms utilized for long time almost as a reproach related to the existence of a mutilated and mended language

Presentación: SPANGLISH, el suplemento

Hoy, en HispanicLA nos honramos en presentar este suplemento especial que contiene textos en los géneros de artículo, ensayo, relato y poesía; en idioma inglés y español, incluyendo ambos por supuesto, Spanglish.

Arizona’s new racist and anti-immigrant law affects the gay community

If we want to win back the right for same-sex couples to marry, we should forge strong partnerships with similar human rights movements seeking to protect the basic rights of people.

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