domingo, marzo 29, 2020

Etiqueta: Illegal aliens

“Illegals”: Here you go again

The use of "illegals" for undocumented or illegal immigrants or already contains the condemnation, the verdict, the totality of hatred, the refusal to listen

So What’s Up With This Arizona Law?

Many Jim Crow laws said nothing about race. Saying you have to pass a reading test to vote, that doesn’t say anything about race. Saying you are exempt from those types of tests if your grandfather could vote… nothing about race there either.

‘Feliz Navidad’ repulsiva y vil

Esas palabras son insuficientemente apropiadas para describir la más reciente herramienta utilizada para ridiculizar cruelmente el drama social de centenares de miles de inmigrantes indocumentados en Estados Unidos

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