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Amnesty International at the Border with 3 Children

This week, I have traveled to the U.S. Southern border with Amnesty leaders from around the world, to expose the human rights abuses occurring...

Protect yourself from Notarios and Immigration Consultants

These consultants routinely make promises that are not legally feasible, take large sums of money, file papers with incorrect, incomplete, and often fraudulent information, leaving the client unaware of the content of the applications filed.

Arizona Casts Obama as ‘Frenemy’ of SB-1070

Until the President acts decisively to eradicate these programs at the root of the SB-1070 problem plaguing the country, activists should and will continue actions-protests, boycotts, vigils, and other community based actions-that will increasingly target also Washington and Obama.

A National ID Card System?

I truly and honestly implore those of you in DC to do the right thing on the National ID Card idea: Repudiate and denounce it immediately as the ACLU and even libertarian and right wing groups have done.

Immigration Reform: a Voice of Reason

This is the same climate in which President Obama and DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano just announced the “Si Se Puede” of their continued and increased support for one of the most heinous Bush-era immigration policies:

The Obama Vision: immigrant detention centers

President Obama appears willing to maintain and even expand a system of immigrant prisons that civil and human rights organizations across the country and around the world have criticized for the subhuman conditions and deaths found in that system.

Lou Dobbs plays the victim

Faced with a growing movement of communities demanding that CNN drop his program, Lou Dobbs responded Friday with one of his favorite postures: the victimized defender of American virtue. "They ask CNN to fire me because I oppose illegal immigration" said Dobbs.

This is about CNN, not only Lou Dobbs

Underlying CNN's desire to capture Latino audiences--our large and growing numbers--is the same reason they must heed our call to dump Dobbs from their network.

Questions Surrounding Dobbs’ Gunfire Incident

Conflicting reports about a bullet that hit the top of Lou Dobbs' house in Sussex, New Jersey, are raising new and serious questions about the credibility of Lou Dobbs, CNN and its President, Jon Klein.

The Fall of Dobbs and the Immigrants

I cried because as a member, relative and friend of the groups most vilified by Dobbs for so many years - Latinos and immigrants - I was inspired by the power of the movement to oust him.

Poetic Justice: Dobbs Owes Everything to Immigrants

Editor’s note: After Wednesday's abrupt on-air resignation of veteran CNN anchor Lou Dobbs, many Latino advocacy and immigrant rights groups felt vindicated. They had...

On a Pilgrimage for Justice and Peace

On January 1, 2010, four young people embarked on a 1,500-mile walk from their home in Miami, FL, to Washington, D.C. in support for an immigration reform and the Dream Act. One more tme, this is their story as they document it in their blog,

Protéjase de notarios y asesores migratorios

El indocumentado desconoce quién se aprovechará de él, quién lo engaña con falsas promesas de legalizar su estatus migratorio. Y muchas veces la víctima pertenece al mismo grupo social que el victimario. Detalles y consejos de cómo evitar el fraude y qué hacer si sucede.

Beneficios de la reforma migratoria

Tenemos la obligación moral de proteger a los niños que son ciudadanos de Estados Unidos. La mejor manera de cumplir con ello es permitir que sus padres se conviertan en residentes legales y al mismo tiempo cobrar los beneficios de su trabajo, sus contribuciones al Seguro Social, a impuestos de réditos, y las multas y aranceles de legalización.

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