martes, abril 7, 2020

Etiqueta: Journalism

A Path with Heart: Corpse flower

Flowers are supposed to smell delicious, but not The Corpse Flower. When it decomposes, the odour keeps flies and beetles away. But it didn't keep me away.

A PATH WITH HEART: The Perils of Reporting on Drug Trafficking

All the questions were really interesting to me but there was one that I couldn’t answer: what can reporters in Mexico do to write about drug trafficking without running the risk of being killed?

A path with heart: Passionate defense

I do not know if lawyer Foong will be able to save the three Mexican brothers, but I am sure he and his team of lawyers will do all that is humanly possible to save these men from death by hanging.

A Path with Heart: A Real Treasure

For children and students, libraries complement their education. For adults, libraries are an opportunity for life-long learning. I know that California is in financial trouble, but for many people public libraries are the only path to self improvement.

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