domingo, abril 5, 2020

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A PATH WITH HEART: Give Arizona a Lesson

I will never stay in hotel in Nogales, Arizona, as I drive from Sacramento to Sonora and Sinaloa, Mexico to see my family. My money will not feed their gas stations, restaurants, hotels, taxis and parking lots.

A path with heart: Passionate defense

I do not know if lawyer Foong will be able to save the three Mexican brothers, but I am sure he and his team of lawyers will do all that is humanly possible to save these men from death by hanging.

A Path with Heart: Bus Robbery

Two or three hours before arriving at Guadalajara, a patrol car stopped the bus. My 72-year mother, who was sitting up front, quickly realized that the two police officers were impostors.

Police shootings need to be prevented

Let us not forget that it is taxpayer money that pays the LAPD “To Protect and to Serve.” We must remind law enforcement to provide suitable services to create safety and trust, not just in affluent areas, but also in poor areas.

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