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The Silence of the Democratic Party on Trump’s Venezuela Regime-Change Policy

Old Habits Die Hard America is back to its old interventionist habits in Central and South America. Perhaps this is just a natural outgrowth of...

Progressive Policies Are the Democratic Party’s Best Weapon (Part 1 of...

2018 Election Day came and went, and Democrats did have something of a "blue wave".  Although it wasn't quite a tsunami, the "wave" carried-in...

Some Reasons for Hope in the 2018 Election

There are a number of reasons to anticipate some kind of anti-Trump, anti-GOP "Blue Wave" in November's election.First, midterm elections in the US normally...

‘Mosquita y Mari’ is about us

”Mosquita y Mari” is a project that takes an extra step forward, attempting to show the reality inside the Latino community that is not shown everyday. Not an absolute reality, but one that is sensitive, intimate. This is where it needs our help.

Nicaraguan women challenge unemployment and poverty

The women of El Carizal, Nicaragua, decided to get organized and launch a coop producing a popular line of organic jam

Cinco de Mayo, Primero de Mayo and the Birth of the...

As we marched in Primero de Mayo actions throughout the country, we celebrated and stepped towards a new, more globally connected country, the United States of América.

Ask an Immigration Lawyer: Help, my attorney is MIA

It is important for an attorney to ask the client whether (s)he has any questions about his case and to describe what will happen in court.

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