domingo, febrero 16, 2020

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A PATH WITH HEART: Four years at the Capitol

Now more than ever, the poor need reporters to express their grievances and to put pressure on politicians to work on solutions.

Nuestra Belleza Latina bajo la lupa

Verdaderamente descorazonadora resultó la última edición de “Nuestra Belleza Latina” de Univision, pues ocurrió lo peor que puede sucederle a un concurso de belleza: ausencia de mujeres bellas.

A Path with Heart: The courage of Adriana

It seems America and California are the ones who will lose out the most by not supporting undocumented immigrant youth. In these challenging economic times, we need students as courageous as Adriana to fuel our economy.

Novelas: TV for Audiences who can be Satisfied

Novelas are always convoluted love stories with twists and turns in the plot. Generally you will see a couple kissing in the first few minutes of the program and something will happen to drive them apart. 120 episodes later they will be kissing again in the final scene

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