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Who I’m Voting for Next Week


Candidates who support equality for all

Much is at stake next Tuesday when voters will be casting in their ballots and deciding the future direction of our state and nation. In Arizona, and throughout the U.S., many politicians are working hard to take away basic rights from vulnerable minority groups.

In California, Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina, and Steve Cooley have all promised to spend millions of taxpayer dollars to strip women, immigrants and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people from legal rights and protections.



These candidates support criminalizing abortion, legalizing racial profiling, and preventing same-sex couples from securing the freedom to marry. We cannot let this happen! Next week, we must make sure we elect only those candidates that will fight to protect the rights for all.
In order to ensure to that constitutional rights are preserved, we must vote for candidates that will champion full equality for all, such as those endorsed by Equality California (www.EQCApac.org/endorsement ).  All of the candidates endorsed by Equality California have vowed to fight for the rights of LGBT people. They stand for the rights of all Californians- including the rights of women, workers and immigrants. Among these candidates are Jerry Brown, gubernatorial candidate; Mayor Gavin Newsom of San Francisco, candidate for Lt. Governor, and Attorney General Candidate Kamala Harris, currently the District Attorney for the city of San Francisco.

Because of the confusing messages Latinos have received in Spanish and English media, including some ads urging Latinos not to vote, it is important that we take the time to speak with our friends and family and explain the importance of voting, and more importantly, voting for those candidates that support basic rights and protections for all.



Sitting this election out or voting for candidates that do not support freedom for all has serious negative consequences. I urge you to please share our Spanish PSA’s with your friends and family about the truth behind Meg Whitman and Steve Cooley’s stand on marriage for same-sex couples –and please remember to vote next Tuesday, November 2.

Not a California resident? To learn more about the upcoming elections in your state visit Cuentame’s facebook page to find a voter guide for your state: http://dontbeacabron.com/?p=115


Jorge Amaro
Jorge Amaro es actualmente el gerente de comunicaciones para California Para La Igualdad (EQCA por sus siglas en ingles), la organización más grande de California dedicada a apoyar los derechos de la comunidad lésbica, gay, bisexual, y transgénero (LGBT). Antes de unirse con EQCA, Jorge trabajo como maestro de secundaria en el Sur de Los Angeles. Mientras terminaba sus estudios universitarios, Jorge tomo el puesto de coordinador del programa de alfabetización para niños y adultos del proyecto de escuelas del Distrito de Colombia (DC Schools Project) dentro del Centro por la Justicia Social (Center for Social Justice). Además, como autor de la revista Adelante, la única revista nacional de la comunidad gay Latina, él también contribuye a los sitios de noticias del internet de CA Ripple Effect, LA Progressive e Hispanic LA. Jorge nació en el Este de Los Angeles en California, y estudio literatura norteamericana en la Universidad de Georgetown. Twitter: www.twitter.com/JorgeEQCA


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