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    Uri Lerner

    Uri Lerner
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    Uri Lerner has a Master Degree in Political Science from American University in Washington and is a graduate of UC San Diego with a bachelor's in political science. He is a Senior Research Associate at Hanover Research Council in Washington, D.C.

    Marines learn about Afghanistan from the LA Police

    Using actual urban police to teach Marines so that they can train Afghan Police is an excellent and somewhat obvious idea. After-all, there is only so much a soldier in his early 20s can reasonably be expected know about reaching out to a community, especially one in a foreign nation.

    Arizona 1070 style bills can increase the mistrust of police in cities like Pasadena

    Laws like SB1070 may not only decrease the community's cooperation with the police department. In the long run, they may actually lead to more crime.

    Messages from the immigration rally in Los Angeles: Schumer = SB1070?

    While both SB 1070 and the Schumer-Graham plan propose to push illegal aliens out of the shadows of the economy and the law, the Arizona law would push them right into jail while the immigration reform plan would allow them to work toward citizenship.

    Legalize everyone? From Guadalupe Hidalgo to the Schumer-Graham plan

    Even if the calls to legalize all can be reconciled with history and the reality of modern international politics, domestic politics in this country make them impossible to actually implement.

    No Reform, no Reelection, an Empty Threat

    Democrats cannot legislate immigration reform if they are not in office and Republicans are unlikely to implement a reform that most immigrants' rights activists agree with.

    California Proposition 14 and its effect on political parties

    In fact, the bigger parties are probably more likely to put forward several candidates, because they cover a large ideological spectrum, than are the smaller third parties, which are much more focused.

    Homeless as hit men

    This story provides a stark anecdote of what can happen when relations between police and their communities sour; be they middle class, working class, immigrant, or homeless populations

    Pasadena City Council votes to denounce Arizona SB 1070

    Amendments to SB 1070 have made even violations of municipal codes grounds for questioning resident status. These include even skateboarding on school property or the degree of tint in a car window.

    Behind the vote: SB 1070’s risk to citizens

    It may be that the best defense against racial profiling is to require all Arizonans to carry their proof of citizenship or legal residency and that the requirement of "reasonable suspicion" be abandoned. A national identification card would also need to be created in order to account for out-of-state visitors.

    Is SB 1070 any of our business?

    Does the Pasadena City Council have the legal authority, as some called for, to impose a boycott on Arizona? For this, one could point to the University of California Board of Regents divestment in South Africa during Apartheid as a precedent.

    AZ proposal would deny citizenship to US-born children of undocumented immigrants

    If America allows such an important part of it's creed to slip away, the result would be a transformation to an entirely different national tone. The result would be unrecognizable as America of today.

    RNC chairman Michael Steele under fire from Republican Senators

    Steele's comments will likely help to fuel an already yawning divide between the Republican Party establishment and it's increasingly agitated and pseudo-Libertarian supporters. The Tea Party movement, based most discernibly on nationalist patriotism than any one platform, will not tolerate such a perceived lack of support for our Armed Forces.

    Will the Tea Party movement help or hurt Republicans?

    Ultimately, the question of Republican advantage in November depends on how appealing Tea Party candidates can be to mainstream voters in general elections. Many have suggested that such candidates have a very narrow political base and can even alienate moderate Republican voters.

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    Purga de latinos en el comité de distritos electorales de California

    Es inconcebible que un grupo tan vasto como el latino, el mayor del estado, haya quedado totalmente fuera del proceso de determinar la división de los distritos del Congreso federal y la Legislatura estatal

    La realidad nacional de El Salvador, por Roberto Cañas

    El Salvador necesita un acuerdo nacional inclusivo de largo alcance que salve a la Nación de la grave crisis en la que se encuentra sumergida. Ya es tiempo de iniciar procesos para rescatar el país social, política y económicamente

    Historias de inmigrantes: Ontario, California

    A las desventajas de no tener, en casi todos los casos, preparación académica, de ser pobre, de ser latino, hay que agregar lo que puede ser el colmo de las desventajas: ser indocumentado

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    Uri Lerner
    13 Publicaciones0 COMENTARIOS
    Uri Lerner has a Master Degree in Political Science from American University in Washington and is a graduate of UC San Diego with a bachelor's in political science. He is a Senior Research Associate at Hanover Research Council in Washington, D.C.