No sólo por amor nos casamos

No sólo por amor nos casamos

Cuando Giovanni la vio a Carlota por primera vez en una fiesta en una casa en Reseda, California, dice que se enamoró en el momento. Al principio no sabía que ella estaba allí, pero apenas […]

De la obamanía a la obamafobia

Arizona Casts Obama as ‘Frenemy’ of SB-1070

Until the President acts decisively to eradicate these programs at the root of the SB-1070 problem plaguing the country, activists should and will continue actions-protests, boycotts, vigils, and other community based actions-that will increasingly target also Washington and Obama. […]

¿vuelve el terror a la argentina?

A National ID Card System?

I truly and honestly implore those of you in DC to do the right thing on the National ID Card idea: Repudiate and denounce it immediately as the ACLU and even libertarian and right wing groups have done. […]


Immigration: Humanitarian and Just

Until recently, there were 20 immigration judges in Los Angeles; almost all of them had a case load of 1,500 to 2,000 cases, As a result, those entitled to a hearing had to wait between 1-2 years, and many times when their hearing day arrived, it had to be postponed for yet another year. […]

Lou dobbs plays the victim

Lou Dobbs plays the victim

Faced with a growing movement of communities demanding that CNN drop his program, Lou Dobbs responded Friday with one of his favorite postures: the victimized defender of American virtue. “They ask CNN to fire me because I oppose illegal immigration” said Dobbs. […]