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Eric Valenzuela

Eric Valenzuela
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Eric Valenzuela has continually transplanted himself, moving from one major city to another. He was born and raised in the Los Angeles area, has resided in San Francisco on two separate occasions (including a stint in Vallejo - the first American city to go bankrupt!), and now comes to you from New York City. Eric defines himself as a graduate student, writer, lover, former inmate, and sarcastic guy who desperately misses In-N-Out Burger and rocketing in his Mustang convertible which was left in California. He likes dogs, rock music, tacos and Italian food. Eric periodically writes in two blogs of his own: Transplanted (http://trans-plant.blogspot.com) and I'm Supposed to be Mexican (http://www.imsupposedtobemexican.com) and now he will also be sharing some of his stories with us at HispanicLA.com.

Tequila: Things I Want You To Know

1) Cuervo Gold is not a premium tequila. 2) Tequila is not meant to be taken as a shot every time you drink it. 3) Your buddies from San Diego State who “totally drank the worm from the bottle of tequila,” are lying to you

La Llorona: The Weeping Woman

There was a woman who killed her own children to be with the man she desired. She was subsequently spurned by her lover and as a result she killed herself. However, because of her atrocities she is forced to wander

The King of Tacos: Mexican food in Los Angeles

They do  still serve aguas frescas which sounds very good during these summer months. Other menu items include tamales, sopes, and chicken, but you go for the tacos. I won’t be making my way to Southern California for at least another couple of months but already my mouth is watering for some of those delicious tacos.

I’m supposed to be Mexican

My family’s story is not unlike thousands of others. My parents came to Mexico as children. Legally, as far as I’ve been told. My grandparents, seeking more opportunity and a better life, looked to America as do just about everyone else in the world.

Mexican Food in America by Eric Valenzuela

Staying with grandma in the evenings she was always making chile rellenos or albondigas or chilaquiles (which remarkably has no chile) or something to that effect.

Mexican lottery

Mexicans typically don’t need a game to drink but I guess for those of you who aren’t Mexican (and just supposed to be) you can add this to your themed party along with a piñata and a sombreros next to the margarita machine.

Olvera Street, Los Angeles

Amid all the hustle and bustle, the offices and cars and museums and everything else going on at such a fast pace all around Los Angeles, everyone should make at least one pilgrimage to see where it all started.

I’ve never eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

My aunts' tamales, gorditas (smaller, fat tortillas that are either topped or filled with meat, cheese, beans, or whatever you like), her refried beans, they’re to die for.

Beware The Red Grasshopper: el Chapulin Colorado!

Think Real American Hero, but more brilliant. He even had his own introduction and set of catchphrases to assist in his heroic witty banter. He was introduced, Más ágil que una tortuga, más fuerte que un ratón, más noble que una lechuga


Loteria is Spanish for lottery and the first games of this type came over from Spain in the 1700s. At first, they were hobbies of the wealthy but eventually they found their way in local fairs and parties.

I’m Supposed to Appear Mexican

If America is a melting pot then Mexico is a thick soup. I like to think of it as a nice fondue set filled with nacho cheese.

Mexican Cuisine: about burritos, or nachos

Don’t be afraid of the spicy! Salsa should not taste like ketchup with onions in it, it should give your tongue a tingle. Also, someone please correct me if I’m wrong but I never hear of Mexicans who get heartburn.

The Mission District in San Francisco

Since it has become the trend for young urban white people to gentrify neighborhoods the Mission has seen a dramatic increase in the white population along with increased housing prices.

Chaka: Vandalism and the art of graffiti

It’s impossible to say exactly when graffiti art goes from vandalism to collectible. When it comes to something as subjective as art, coming from a place like the streets of Los Angeles, it usually takes a nod from the likes of Ashton Kutcher or Christina Aguilera.

Zoot Suit Riot

I would much rather see a bunch of guys hanging around in suits, even if they are ill-fitting suits, than pants that could house several animals, and prints in which a clown would feel silly.

Los más populares de la semana

Los pensamientos de José Saramago

Esta es simplemente una recopilación de rayones en libros, suficientes para quienes nunca lo “conocieron”, sepan lo que se están perdiendo. Porque como él mismo nos repitió hasta el cansancio: mientras se esté vivo, nunca es tarde.Esta es simplemente una recopilación de rayones en libros, suficientes para quienes nunca lo “conocieron”, sepan lo que se están perdiendo. Porque como él mismo nos repitió hasta el cansancio: mientras se esté vivo, nunca es tarde.

Rock indígena en California

El Rock and Roll, la música joven que se impuso ar...

Chau, Diego del alma

A Maradona, lo vi jugar por primera vez en la cancha de Atlanta cuando yo tenía unos 11 años. Debe haber sido a fines de 1976 o comienzos del 77.

Peronismo: democracia de masas o fascismo posible

Si hay algo en lo cual detenerse a la hora de intentar comprender el fenómeno del peronismo es, a nuestro juicio, la heterogeneidad de sus componentes y de ideas propugnadas, según el problema que se enfrente y la coyuntura histórica por la que se atraviese

Esta fue la literatura precolombina: aztecas, mayas, incas (imágenes)

Todavía queda algo, muy poco, de esos escritos aztecas, mayas e incas, que podemos leer y analizar

Los 5 artículos más recientes

Coronavirus en México: los cabalísticos 100,000 muertos

La andanada de críticas al gobierno por su gestión de la pandemia del coronavirus en México no tiene mucha base real, es alboroto político, cacerolismo puro y, aunque ocupe un lugar prominente en los medios, dudo que sea una mayoría la que piensa así

El velatorio de Diego Armando Maradona, en directo

Velatorio de Diego Armando Maradona: Cientos de seguidores comenzaron en la noche del miércoles a agruparse en las inmediaciones de la Casa Rosada para despedir a Diego Armando Maradona, velado desde las 6 en un salón de la Casa de Gobierno. La ceremonia pública se extenderá hasta las 16, hora de Buenos Aires.

Feliz Día de Gracias de Hispanic LA

Sea lo que sea, historia, religión, familia, sea lo que sea que signifique para cada uno.

Los niveles de seguridad que propone Fauci durante COVID-19

¿Enviaría a mis hijos a la escuela con las precauciones adecuadas? ¿Cuándo confiaré en una vacuna? A la última pregunta, siempre respondo: cuando vea a Anthony Fauci recibir una.

Entre Maradona y yo

Nuestro encuentro fue un ...

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