Another crowned queen joins the anti-lgbt dark side
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Another crowned Queen joins the anti-LGBT dark side

We cannot allow our Golden State, which has some of the most comprehensive protections for LGBT people and minorities, to regress into a one with a climate of hostility and fear. The fight for full equality for all calls for our combined efforts in order to successfully stop Lozano, Verastegui and their anti-LGBT group from importing hate into our state. […]

Ricky martin fighting homophobia?
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Ricky Martin fighting homophobia?

We’ve learned that sharing our personal stories as openly LGBT people with our friends, family, coworkers and neighbors is the most effective way to end homophobia and change hearts and minds. […]

Lgbt youth take action in state capital
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LGBT Youth Take Action in State Capital

Approximately 100 youth from throughout California gathered in Sacramento to meet with members of the state Legislature to talk about LGBT issues, including access to mental health services, hate crimes protections, and educational opportunities. […]

Who i’m voting for next week

Who I’m Voting for Next Week

Much is at stake next Tuesday when voters will be casting in their ballots and deciding the future direction of our state and nation. In Arizona, and throughout the U.S., many politicians are working hard to take away basic rights from vulnerable minority groups. […]

Anti-gay ads launched amid string of lgbt youth suicides
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Anti-gay Ads Launched Amid String of LGBT Youth Suicides

In a desperate attempt to win the votes of the Latino community, today the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), the anti-gay extremist group fervently focused on denying same-sex couples the right to marry, has released a Spanish television ad attacking U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer for supporting the right for same-sex couples to marry. […]

Otra reina al grupo anti lgbt
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Otra Reina al grupo anti LGBT

La lucha por la igualdad completa para todos requiere nuestro compromiso conjunto, para así impedir la importación de odio en nuestro estado por Lozano, Verastegui y su grupo anti-LGBT. […]

Estudiantes lgbt toman acción en el capitolio
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Estudiantes LGBT toman acción en el Capitolio

La semana pasada, unos 100 estudiantes de toda California se juntaron en Sacramento para reunirse con miembros de la Legislatura estatal y funcionarios del Departamento de Educación para abogar sobre temas que afectan a la comunidad lésbica, gay, bisexual, y transgénero (LGBT) […]