Karina Martínez

Karina Martínez is the Communications Director for Mi Familia Vota, a national civic engagement organization that aims to build Latino political power. Karina contributed to the record breaking Latino voter turnout of the 2018 elections by heading an unprecedented $300,000 bilingual digital campaign called “USA Tu Poder” that complemented MFV’s voter mobilization efforts on the ground. Following the elections, MFV was awarded a Pollie Award presented by the American Association of Political Consultants for the “USA Tu Poder” campaign. Campaigns & Elections also awarded MFV with four Reed Awards, including one for “Non-Profit Grassroots Organization of the Year.” In addition, MFV was nominated for a Napolitan Victory Award sponsored by Washington Academy of Political Arts and Sciences and three Reed Awards for our “Trumpadas” ad. MFV finished the 2018 electoral season with 82,000 voter registrations, 400,000 canvassed households, 65,000 live phone calls to voters, among other accomplishments making a difference in key cities with some of the highest Latino populations. Karina is currently working on advocacy efforts at the federal, state, and local level on issues that impact the Latino community. She will also be supporting efforts to be counted in the 2020 census and to expand the electorate through citizenship efforts and voter registration ahead of the 2020 election. Karina graduated magna cum laude from UCLA with a degree in International Development Studies, and also completed a Master of Public Health program at San Diego State University earning cum laude honors. You can reach her at: karinam@mifamiliavota.org.
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